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About the Greyhound Company

We are a business company

Our joint-stock company deals with driving fuel sale, investment in the field of real properties, dog feed sale and other

 We have changed the shape of the landscape and influenced the Prague horizont at the 10th kilometer 
 of the D1 motorway

Capital investments in the construction of 1 km of the D1 motorway in both directions

 One of our larger and somehow unusual investments in the amount of 70 million CzK, that helped with the motorway 
 spread in the Czech Republic, ended up with legal proceedings with the czech state. We invested our financial sources
 to building-up the one kilometer long third traffic lane both in the direction from Brno to Prague and int he opposite

The construction of the D1 three lane motorway was started by our part of the construction – by the abovementioned
 investment to the 10th km of the D1 motorway.
 Until quite recently – few months ago –the construction of the other parts of the D1 motorway, from Mirošovice in both
 directions, advanced towards our, already built, part of the D1.

 Our investment and the state investments reached on D1. Buliding machines of the construction company could easily
 move through motorway lanes built by our company and the new construction continued to Průhonice. After the
 interconnection of  all segments in the area between Průhonice and Mirošovice  The Road and Motorway Directorate of
 the Czech Republic (RMD) approved and opened the motorway and general automobile public started driving on our

The RMD let general public to use our investment ( to the construction of the third lane of the D1 motorway both in the 
 direction from Brno to Prague and int he opposite direction) but the RMD refused to pay for this assets. They wanted us
 to transfer the investment to the state free of any charge. The RMD was not interested in the fact that we financed the
 construction, that the state wanted to confiscate us, from bank loans and we had to pay interests.

We refused the voluntary conveyance of the private property to the state and we insisted on the fact that the "Winning
 February 1948" cannot be repeated and there cannot be a new Day of privateproperty nationalization.
 We sued both the RMD and also the Ministry of transport.

Of course we wanted back our finances spent on the constructed motorway lanes, that already were used by
 automobiles by general public. We still had to pay back the credit.

 After several years we won the court case. According to the court verdict he RMD was to pay us the amount of 39,5
 milion CzK. However ministerial officers did not honour the court verdict and they did not pay us anything. Consecutively
 the penalty payment was increasing.

 There was no way than to ask for help of the executor office. The executor blocked the all activities on all state properties.
 All construction on all roads and motorways in the Czech Republic.
 After the penalty reached extra 13 milion, state officers rebounded and paid us all expences, including the delay penalty  
 click here (The title: "The RMD must pay off 13 million CzK to the Greyhound Company") .

After constructing the third road lane of the D1 motorway in both directions we started building two  way stations with two
 petrol stations and we started with the construction of the logistical termina nupaky with the investment
 budget 500 million CzK worth. We also had to construct buildings that we did not planned to build.

The Nupaky municipal authorities – local fire station
 The Nupaky municipal authority office asked us for building a new municipal authority office and a new fire station,
 We financed this investment from our own financial sources and after several years the Nupaky municipal authorities
 paid us the invested finances back.

 Investment to construction of petrol stations at the 10th km of the D1 motorway in both directions
 - Petrol station at the 10th km of the D1 – Brno - Praha
With respect to high debts we sold the pull-off, including the petrol station on this side, to the Shell company.
- Petrol station at the 10th km of the D1 – Praha – Brno
  The petrol station in the direction from Praha to Brno remained in our hands, including the pull-off and surrounding

 Logistical Terminal Nupaky
 The aim of this investment in the amount of 500 milion CzK was to concetrate the lorry traffic to the Nupaky area,
 including the customs proceedings, out of the Prague traffic circle and decrease the density of the lorry traffic.
 We have sold the petrol station, we still operated the complex of buildings of the Logistical terminal Nupaky, neighbouring
 with the above-mentioned petrol station and we continued in paying the debts.
 The building was nominated for the Building of the Year - FOR ARCH 99 however we could not compete the state with
 the amount of investments in other buildings in Prague.
 The administratve building of the area was built so precisely that it is nicknamed as „a bank on a crop field“ (architects
 included also an emergency stair case made of marble).
 The storage halls had, in that time, unique parameters with a pallet racking system from the Stow company.
 Under one of the storage halls a huge separated archive with mobile racks.
 Also a lorry parking place is a part of the area.
 An important part of the Logistical terminal Nupaky is the building of the Customs office Nupaky.
 Not all storage centers, no matter how good terminals could be, have such priviledge status.

Car wash and the service center
a background for transporters of logistical companies – offered service check-ups and washing up lorries so that
 vehicles could come to customs proceeding, and eventual unloading, clean.  

 Parcels in the surroundings of the Logistical terminal Nupaky, petrol stations and pull-offs
  - Greyhound Park Nupaky
– greyhound racing track

K4 project office

Animation of the greyhound racing stadium
Greyhound Park Nupaky 

 The most ambicious project, both in the Czech republic and also in the whole 
 continental Europe, was situated very next to the Logistical terminal Nupaky.
 The Greyhound Park Nupaky project was finished in the 2003 and it ended before
 issuing the building permit, that cost us total 4,5 milion CzK worth.
 The project was to serve for non-comercial sport activites.
 In spite of the fact that we spent quite a lot of finances to this project, we did not
 applied for issuing the building licence because of unacceptable financial demands
 of the Nupaky authorities for connecting our parcels to the local infrastructure.
 The Nupaky authorities demanded 600.-CzK per 1m2 connection. A person who
 owned the local sewer system demanded equal amount of finances for
 connection to the sewers. Not even starting the construction we would had to pay
 18 mil CzK to the Nupaky authorities and also 18 mil CzK to the person.
 Unfortunatelly greyhound racing is not a commercial activity here, it even cannot
 exist without sponsors. 

parcels in the surroundings of the two petrol stations
The parcels in the surrounding of the petrol station Prague-Brno were determined for building more petrol stands. We
  were ready to react on requests of the Shell company.
  Other parcels became part of the building closure.

 A little big history of the Logistical park Nupaky
 The history of the area started when Ing. Zdenek Grondol and Mr. Rudolf Želinský were invited as advisors by the former
 owners the company, who wanted to start building the petrol stations and other joined investments.
 Mr Rudolf Želinský is, as a specialist for customs issues in practise, often invited for consultancy by officers of the 
 Ministry of Finances – General directorate of Customs when preparing law change proposals.
 Mr. Zdenek Grondol and Mr. Rudolf Želinský were invited for the European commission meeting solving the preparations
 of the Czech Republic to enter the European Union.
 Mr Želinský and Mr. Grondol know what Baťa – a renowned fabricant - knew. Besides managing successfully the
 company also, if it is necessary, they are able to show to any, shoe-maker apprentice, what he or she is doing wrong and
 how to do this or that in the right way.
 Even in case of correct filling of a Single Administrative Document.

 The construction of the whole project begun in the time when there was nothing but, as far as one could see, fields in this
 location and the Prague horizont formed, more or less – depending on the weather.
 In that time the presented vision was not considered as real when Ing. Zdenek Grondol, the chief of shareholders of the 
 „Czech“ holding, was walking in the fields and was showing to his managers where the main building, the halls etc. 
 For those who knew him must have looked, sorry to say, as a crazy person. With the visionary look in his eyes, wearing
 a suit but also gum boots he used to walk in the field and he tried to realize his vision.

  Also representatives of the particular petrol station chains did not believe in success. Mr. Zdenek Grondol hold a meeting 
 in order to secure cofinancing of the two abovemantioned petrol stations by one or another established petrol station
 Perhaps he had too enthusiatic sight when he presented them the extremely well placed position of the petrol station and
 what would be the pyschological effect of it.
 No wonder – he drove through the Czech Republic criss-cross, he knew almost all difficulties ff particular roads and
 motorways and comfort of driving related with the difficulties.

 One of the most experienced companies in this field of business, we wont name it, recomended to Mr. Grondol not to
 start with the construction – it might him and his company sank down. The unnamed company announced that their
 experts according their expert theorems Counted that the tapped quantity would be only minimal and that they verified
 them on a large chain of petrol stations both in the Czech republic and in the whole world. In order to minimalise the risks
 the experts recommended him to ,at least, reduce the number of petrol stands.

 Mr. Zdenek Grondol, the chief of shareholders, Mr. Rudolf Želinský, the deputy
 of the chief of shareholders, and Mrs, Grondolová, a member of shareholders,
 were left alone to deal with the obligation - it was big gob for a genuinely Czech
 The construction needed to begin, loan contracts had already been signed, 
 there was no co-investor because none of the potential investors believed in
 the project.

 (It is necessary to add that, during the construction of the Nupaky area, the
 board of directors managed some other companies in the Czech and Slovak
 Republic, in Poland and cooperation partners and mandataries all around the 
 Europe.Besides the strategic management the representatives holded also
 some executive functions in the company management.)

 It was an enormous pressure on the management and they worked extremely
 hard. Such kind of work required the management to be on-line 24/7, the
 „stand-by“ regime remained but the frequency of getting up at night rather

The company board at the ceremonial  approval  of the Logistical area Nupaky in 1999

  And the result?

 The ceremonial colaudation of the Logistical area Nupaky took place in 1998 and it was put in operation in 1999.

 Mr Vrana, a deputy of the business section of the Shell company announced D to Mr. Zdenek Grondol:
 Many czech people have been building cloud castles. But you, Mr. Grondol, you have managed to build one.
 Both petrol stations were lucrative aboveaverage and they highest tapped quantity in the petrol station chain of the Shell
 The recommended reduction, made by experts of renowned companies, of petrol stands showed misleading. There was
 a lack of petrol stands.

In the surroundings of the Logistical terminal Nupaky new storage halls and logistical centers, including HQ of 
 companies, originated. The spread of Prague continued around the D1 motorway towards the 10th km of the motorway.
 Only the Nupaky terminal was connected to the exit from the D1 motorway Brno-Praha. The logistical terminal Nupaky, 
 after the division of the company – in accordance with the project of division, belonged to one of its parts – to the Czech
 International Logistic and later it was sold as a very profitable business.
 It showed that the vision of the „bank in the crop field“  was not just a cloud castle.

 The logistical park Nupaky became, after the improvement, one of the most profitable business articles On the czech 
 market – click HERE

 We are a TOP-Filantrop organization
We are, surely, Top Filantrop organization, although we have never signed in the competition of that name. For many 
 years we support art, culture, sport and education. We regularly donate our time, money and other material goods to
 various helpful purposes.This our voluntary support has , more or less, impact on improving of the living standards in
 various areas.

 Our other, and rather unusual, charity projects are supported purely, i.e. not from the EU or other funds, from the
 Greyhound company bank accounts from dividend payouts of the shareholders of this company. The shareholders of our
 company voluntarily, and to a very unique extend, decided to support better living standards of „sportsmen“ – racing
 greyhounds. The finances, that the shareholders could rightfully  use for their own from the company bank account item
 „undivided profit of shareholders“, have been used to improve the health standards of racing greyhounds of various
 greyhound owners in the Czech Republic and other neighbouring countries.
 We involved in many our employees who donate the finances, their own free time to support this activity.

 We decided to significantly support the sport that stands out of interest of sponsors and donators who would support this
 sport with considerable amount of money. This kind of sport – the greyhound racing – is operated solely on a sand race
 track, equipped with modern watering system and the most up-to-date surveilance and digital control system, the most
 up-to-date timing equipment and also modern racing rules system.

 Certainly it would be more attractive to sponsor or operate some other activity that would lead to larger recognition by 
 general public because it is concerned as a non-profitable sport activity and it is rather unknown sport here in the Czech
 However we are not concerned in the social status as a certain way of reward for the support, sponsorship, partnership
 and donation – we are concerned in the health of greyhounds and greyhound racing in the way it deserves. After all, we
 have the name Greyhound Company.

Our non-profitable and charity projects:
 Publishing of czech version of the book „Ultimate greyhound“ by english author Mark Sullivan
This book uses a popular reading aproach to describe the care of a greyhound very well, including illnesses. Greyhound 
 owners and breeders missed such book in czech book stores, veterinary surgeons also welcomed this book. 
 Veterinarians hadrly ever saw a greyhound and only a little number of vets had experiences with them when the book
 was published. We reserved the copyright from the author – a permission to spread the texts of this work, the translation
 and publishing the book. First of all we had to pay most of the expences in advance – otherwise the publisher would
 not print the books. These expences, 750.000 CzK worth, wont pay back to us.
 Each printout of the czech version has been, a significant part, donated by us – otherwise it would be unsalable
 Publishing the book caused a boom both in the Czech and Slovak Republic but also in Poland – some of the greyhound 
 owners bought five printouts in a row!

Red Mills – special irish greyhound feed (pups, pregnant Bitches, racing greyhounds and also for retired greyhounds)
Some czech greyhounders dont distinguish too much between heavy-duty feed suitable for any breeds and the special 
 feed developed solely for greyhounds. The Red Mills feed was developed after decades of experiences in the profesional 
 area where knowledge and results could have been everyday on a large number of greyhounds – that is impossible in our
 czech conditions. A greyhound has a very specific metabolical system and it is very tricky to feed a greyhound with feed
 e.g. for work breeds or social breeds or to experiment with feeding.
 It is essential to keep to the instructions – and discipline of a greyhound owner.

All income from selling the Red Mills feed – if one can call it an income – goes back to the support of greyhounds.
 There is no other seller that can be trusted more in this matter – we do not praise our goods just to sell them and have
 more profit. We are interested in greyhound wellfare.

 The greyhound race track Praskacka, situated in the village of Praskacka near Hradec Králové – the only sand track in 
 the Czech Republic

The racecourse, with the sand body, tilted curves and the level of the control, surveilance and timing equipment, is  
 considered to be one of the best in the continental Europe. The race track area is rented, for a symbolic fee, to a sport
 organization – the Czech greyhound racing federation that we regularly support in its activities both financially and

This sport organization guarantees that the protective race system, derived from the rules of the world greyhound
 federation – an association joining professional racecourses,  for greyhounds will kept.
 The racing rules of this organization include a duty (unusual in this country) to have a greyhound run only once a day and
 a boundary classification of greyhound runs.
 Our investments would be only wasting money without such care. The sand surface is much more suitable for
 greyhounds because of their complicated leg bone structure.
 A racing greyhound can run up to the speed of 60 km per hour, a whippet around 40 km per hour. These dogs are
 hunters and they love running whether you want or not. Of course it is better to let them run on a controlled well-made 
 track instead of running on places that can be fatal for greyhounds.

 Nonspecialists  hardly know that a well-made track is not equal to some grassy hill. A good track must meet certain
 technical conditions, certain surface made of varios layers of various kinds of sand, and a dreinage layer. And also it
 should contain a watering system – automatic one is the best choice.
 Such equipment s rather expensive matter that will never pay back to the investor. Operation and regular maintenance is,
 in the course of years, even more expensive than the purchase costs.

On the contrary to horse races when a horse is driven by a man, a greyhound that is not willing to run simply either stops 
 or runs back. We can appreciate the beauty and the speed both when looking at greyhounds and horses, including the
 horses under a hood of a car. Both a horse and a greyhound were running together in the times of nobility hunts and only
 the noblemen were allowed to own greyhounds.  Lets have a look at the nowadays "hunting" and lets have a look at the
 way greyhounds were breeded. Lets have a look at the way the former hunting to the sport position and the term - racing
 machines - came to our our country from countries with large greyhound racing traditions. Rightfully a greyhound is
 called a king of race tracks.

 Multifunction sport stadium in Prague - Motol
 - the project is in the phase of construction HERE.

 Business with greyhound elegance
- an interview with Ing. Zdenka Grondola - - uncut - click HERE


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